The Course

Designed by the world-renowned player/architect team of Fred Couples and Gene Bates, The Rise is a spectacular championship course in Vernon, BC—it’s your perfect escape from the day-to-day. 1,000 feet above Okanagan Lake, with its dynamic layout, generous landing areas, and five sets of tees at every hole, this course proudly accommodates golfers of all abilities. Each hole has its own unique character, and 12 of them showcase incredible views of Okanagan Lake below. Rise above it all—come play at the top of the world and celebrate the best of the Okanagan lifestyle.

Signature Hole #15

Our signature hole challenges players of all levels with a slight downhill left to right dogleg with a second shot requiring a carry over water to an angled green. This is then followed by a par three that can measure to 185 yards. It requires a full carry over water to a narrow angular green. Walking away with two pars will surely be a good score. This challenge can be found at holes 15 and 16.

Most Challenging Hole

At 438 yards, the par-4 17th hole demands both accuracy and distance. With the least generous landing area of any of the par-4’s, this hole does not let up until the very end. A conservative approach and some handy short game skills will pay big dividends!

Hole 1

The first hole on the front nine kicks off with a long par 5. Playing downhill off the tee, and a good carry is required from the back tee boxes. Be careful on approach shots, as there is a rock hazard and sand bunker located directly in front of the green that will swallow up any shots short of the surface.

Hole 1 | Par 5 | 550 Yards

Boom Boom: 550 | Blue: 528 | White: 490 | Red: 445 | Green: 413

Hole 2

Perhaps the hardest hole on the course, number two is a long, uphill, dogleg left par 4. Make sure to take as much club off the tee as needed, as your approach shots to the green will be blind and can be made very troublesome by a tee shot not far enough up the fairway.

Hole 2 | Par 4 | 431 Yards

Boom Boom: 431 | Blue: 403 | White: 363 | Red: 324 | Green: 273

Hole 3

The third hole is a fairly straightaway, long par 4, playing slightly uphill. This hole gives you a great feel of the upcoming scenery as you enter the next sequence of holes which are much more forested and Alpine feeling than the back nine. Approach shots need to be taken carefully, as there is a water hazard front and left of the green.

Hole 3 | Par 4 | 443 Yards

Boom Boom: 443 | Blue: 392 | White: 355 | Red: 313 | Green: 243

Hole 4

Hole number four is a classic risk-reward hole, playing under 300 yards. But don’t sleep on this scenic par 4, as a narrow fairway running left to right off the tee, and a well-protected green, make this hole anything but a gimme. Take a moment to again enjoy the view and serenity when on this green as you now have a view looking straight up the North arm of Okanagan lake.

Hole 4 | Par 4 | 298 Yards

Boom Boom: 298 | Blue: 284 | White: 268 | Red: 207 | Green: 158

Hole 5

The fifth hole is the only truly blind tee shot on the course. And while it plays short on the scorecard, this par 4 is a dogleg right with a well protected green that requires two well-executed shots to be on the surface in regulation. The checkered marking stick in the distance is your target off the tee, with 20 yards of room either left or right of it. Be careful with distance off the tee though, as there is a chance of running it through the end of the fairway if hit too far.

Hole 5 | Par 4 | 388 Yards

Boom Boom: 388 | Blue: 371 | White: 316 | Red: 296 | Green: 267

Hole 6

The sixth hole is a par 3 that plays extremely downhill. Make sure to take a club less off the tee, but don’t take too much off, as the front of the green is protected by both a water hazard and bunker. Take in the scenery from both the tee box and the green, as directly away in the distance is an amazing view of the rolling Okanagan hills and mountainside.

Hole 6 | Par 3 | 192 Yards

Boom Boom: 192 | Blue: 171 | White: 154 | Red: 125 | Green: 78

Hole 7

Hole number seven is a short par 4. But playing slightly uphill, and with a gentle dogleg left, make sure to take enough club off of the tee. Well-executed tee shots will give you a great view of your approach. Enjoy another spectacular vista of the North arm of Okanagan Lake from this green.

Hole 7 | Par 4 | 358 Yards

Boom Boom: 358 | Blue: 339 | White: 313 | Red: 284 | Green: 252

Hole 8

The eight hole plays as a long, straight away par 4. The green is slightly elevated, and well protected. Approach shots must be executed correctly in order to have a chance of birdie here. Pause for a moment on your way between the eighth green and the ninth tee box to enjoy the breathtaking view of the golf course one last time before you make your approach down hole nine.

Hole 8 | Par 4 | 399 Yards

Boom Boom: 399 | Blue: 378 | White: 352 | Red: 326 | Green: 203

Hole 9

The ninth hole at The Rise Golf Course is a long, downhill par 5, that serpentines the entire way along as you make your final approach. Due to the shape of the fairway, and well protected green, it will take a perfect tee shot, a fantastic second shot, and a little bit of luck for anyone to try and go at this par 5 in two.

Hole 9 | Par 5 | 590 Yards

Boom Boom: 590 | Blue: 570 | White: 536 | Red: 490 | Green: 203

Hole 10

The tenth hole opens with a straightaway par 4. A water hazard runs up the right side for more than 200 yards, making tee shots favoring the middle and left side the safe play.

Hole 10 | Par 4 | 356 Yards

Boom Boom: 356 | Blue: 337 | White: 300 | Red: 265 | Green: 207

Hole 11

The eleventh hole is a fairly generous par 3, with the majority of trouble up the left side. Take note of the pin location, as the very large green has a ridge in the middle that can make putting from front to back, or vice versa, an adventure.

Hole 11 | Par 3 | 211 Yards

Boom Boom: 211 | Blue: 190 | White: 164 | Red: 133 | Green: 97

Hole 12

The twelfth hole is a par 5 that plays uphill off the tee box. The right bunker is definitely the safe line as a good tee shot can easily carry it, leaving you in the middle of the fairway. The very large green is relatively unprotected, but with many subtle brakes on the green, and fescue trouble right, a good approach shot still needs to be hit to have a chance at birdie here.

Hole 12 | Par 5 | 481 Yards

Boom Boom: 481 | Blue: 455 | White: 425 | Red: 298 | Green: 375

Hole 13

The thirteenth hole is a downhill par 3 that usually plays one club less than the yardage on the card. With bunkers on the left and around the back, short or right are usually the better spots to miss. This very large green has a substantial slope and three putts have been known to happen here.

Hole 13 | Par 3 | 206 Yards

Boom Boom: 206 | Blue: 190 | White: 176 | Red: 152 | Green: 84

Hole 14

The fourteenth hole is an uphill and long par 4. It does require both a good tee shot and a good approach shot as the green is protected by a false front and elevated to the surrounding rough. Looking from the tee box, the very far bunkers in the right-center are a good target as they would only be reachable by the longest of hitters.

Hole 14 | Par 4 | 391 Yards

Boom Boom: 391 | Blue: 372 | White: 350 | Red: 320 | Green: 289

Hole 15

Before teeing off on the fifteenth hole, take a moment to enjoy the view from the back two tee boxes. This offering is probably the best view of Vernon and the Northeast arm of Okanagan Lake that you’ll find in the valley. This par 4 is usually played with less than driver off the tee box, as long straight shots can end up running through to the water hazard. The second shot, plays over water to an island type green. Enjoy your surroundings in this next stretch of holes as you enter the signature area of the course.

Hole 15 | Par 4 | 415 Yards

Boom Boom: 415 | Blue: 382 | White: 361 | Red: 327 | Green: 299

Hole 16

The sixteenth hole is a long par 3 over water to a narrow green protected by a sloped bunker on the right. A multi-tiered surface makes putting a challenge once you arrive on the green. Par is a good score here.

Hole 16 | Par 3 | 176 Yards

Boom Boom: 176 | Blue: 164 | White: 139 | Red: 104 | Green: 76

Hole 17

Hole number seventeen is a par 4 that plays severely downhill. The tee shot is straight away, so ‘let it rip’ and enjoy your drive down the fairway towards Okanagan Lake. Approach shots must be taken carefully, as the hole usually plays one less club, and any shots over the back of the green are in severe trouble.

Hole 17 | Par 4 | 438 Yards

Boom Boom: 438 | Blue: 428 | White: 403 | Red: 347 | Green: 290

Hole 18

The last hole plays as a short par 5. After the tee shot it again plays downhill, and players that execute a good shot off the tee will have a chance to go at the green in two. When you arrive at the surface enjoy the surrounding view as it feels like you’re standing over the bluffs along the edge of Okanagan Lake. This is a true panoramic view of everything the Vernon valley has to offer.

Hole 18 | Par 5 | 520 Yards

Boom Boom: 520 | Blue: 465 | White: 437 | Red: 413 | Green: 360